Sparking Joy?

What is bringing me joy? Banana s’mores ice cream BGM Podcast It’s only happened once, but problematic movie night Running/Consistent workouts Making extra money with easy clients Terminator hangouts Khaleesi’s more relaxed demeanor Water colors Ukulele What could bring me more? (That I can control) Finishing sketches for graphic memoir Collaborating on ghost light

I put the ball in your court and you arent even dribbling.

Carve a Path

I’ve said yes to too many projects I am just not passionate about and I’m the results show. I cant keep doing that. I have climbed enough ladders. If I’m not going to get the opportunity I want, I need to carve a path for myself.

You cause me pain. You resurface old wounds. But I think about visiting you often. You probably dont think about me nearly as much, you have so many others. But I imagine varying positions. I consider the meaning in our visit. I wonder how you’ll interpret what I say. We talk about anything under the … More

Fuck Kale

If I am talking about my actual experience and how I think something is to me, dont fucking tell me that I’m wrong and that society is influencing me to think that way. I dont like the kale I’ve tried. Fresh. Dressed. Baked. Cooked. It tastes like soap. Like peoples experience with cilantro. Dont tell … More Fuck Kale


Over the past few years I have been working as a supervisor over a few people and each semester I get an employee that doesnt quite receive my feedback. I feel like I am direct and clear. I’ve worked heavily on my tone and developing relationships, but in that I have avoided conflict and held … More Leadership

Making Shit Happen

I’m tired of waiting for others to give me opportunities when I am capable of writing and generating my own art. I’m tired of auditioning for shows and getting cast among people who are masagonistic, abusive, power hungry, and downright dumb. I want to create art under my terms. So here are things I am … More Making Shit Happen


She wipes the drip, not from her coffee, but from her nose. The air is wet. The air is cold. The reflection from her computer screen reflects in the framed glass shielding her eyes. But it doesnt shield the text her brow furrows to focus on. She rests her chin on her palm. Fingers curling … More Epoch

We make ourselves vulnerable each time we step a foot forward. And it takes a lot of self assurance and bravery to continue making steps when we have been tripped.