Sparking Joy?

What is bringing me joy? Banana s’mores ice cream BGM Podcast It’s only happened once, but problematic movie night Running/Consistent workouts Making extra money with easy clients Terminator hangouts Khaleesi’s more relaxed demeanor Water colors Ukulele What could bring me more? (That I can control) Finishing sketches for graphic memoir Collaborating on ghost light Advertisements

I put the ball in your court and you arent even dribbling.

Carve a Path

I’ve said yes to too many projects I am just not passionate about and I’m the results show. I cant keep doing that. I have climbed enough ladders. If I’m not going to get the opportunity I want, I need to carve a path for myself.

You cause me pain. You resurface old wounds. But I think about visiting you often. You probably dont think about me nearly as much, you have so many others. But I imagine varying positions. I consider the meaning in our visit. I wonder how you’ll interpret what I say. We talk about anything under the … More

Fuck Kale

If I am talking about my actual experience and how I think something is to me, dont fucking tell me that I’m wrong and that society is influencing me to think that way. I dont like the kale I’ve tried. Fresh. Dressed. Baked. Cooked. It tastes like soap. Like peoples experience with cilantro. Dont tell … More Fuck Kale


Over the past few years I have been working as a supervisor over a few people and each semester I get an employee that doesnt quite receive my feedback. I feel like I am direct and clear. I’ve worked heavily on my tone and developing relationships, but in that I have avoided conflict and held … More Leadership